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[$] Weekly Edition for April 24, 2014

The Weekly Edition for April 24, 2014 is available.

Shuttleworth: U talking to me?

Ubuntu's Trusty Tahr has been released and that means it's time for a new
development branch. Mark Shuttleworth has announced the name
of the next Ubuntu release. "So bring your upstanding best to the table – or the forum – or the mailing list – and let’s make something amazing. Something unified and upright, something about which we can be universally proud. And since we’re getting that once-every-two-years chance to make fresh starts and dream unconstrained dreams about what the future should look like, we may as well go all out and give it a dreamlike name. Let’s get going on the utopic unicorn."

Band Releases Album as a Kernel Module

A band called netcat has released their
latest album as a Linux kernel module. The album "Cycles Per Instruction"
is available from the band's web site, and on github.

Security advisories for Wednesday

CentOS has updated qemu-kvm (C6: multiple vulnerabilities).

Debian has updated openjpeg (fixes a regression in the previous update).

Fedora has updated httpd (F19: multiple vulnerabilities), jbigkit (F19: code execution), and python-django-horizon (F20: cross-site scripting).

Oracle has updated qemu-kvm (OL6: multiple vulnerabilities).

Red Hat has updated kernel (RHEL6.3 EUS: denial of service), openshift-origin-broker (RH OpenShift 1.2.7; RH OpenShift 2.0.5: authentication bypass), and qemu-kvm (RHEL6: multiple vulnerabilities).

Scientific Linux has updated qemu-kvm (SL6: multiple vulnerabilities).

Ubuntu has updated mysql-5.5 (14.04 LTS, 13.10, 12.10, 12.04 LTS: multiple vulnerabilities), rsync (14.04 LTS: denial of service), and python-django (all: fixes a regression in the previous update).

[Jessica McKellar]
In a keynote on day two of PyCon
(April 12), Jessica McKellar made an impassioned plea for the
Python community to focus on the "next generation" of Python programmers.
She outlined the programming-education problem that exists in US high
schools (and likely
elsewhere in the world as well), but she also highlighted some concrete
steps the community could take to help fix it. Subscribers can click below
for the full keynote coverage.

Stable kernel 3.13.11

Greg Kroah-Hartman has released stable kernel 3.13.11 with some important fixes. This is the last 3.13.y release. Please move to 3.14.y now.

Update: the Ubuntu kernel team has announced that it will be providing ongoing support for 3.13 until April 2016.

Adaptive evolution This Xbox One Headset Adapter allows you to game with your own personal favorite headset* and still adjust chat audio from the controller itself. And you can add game audio by connecting your headset directly to the controller, your console, or TV. $24.99

Be your own Fire & Rescue service The half-tang, 12C27 Sandvik stainless steel blade comes from Mora of Sweden, and the FireSteel inserts securely into handle of the knife with bayonet-lock action, producing 5,400° F sparks 3000 times over. $29.99

Geek Toys : Discovering Arduino DIY Kit

Arduino-rific! Arduino is a great way to take your electronics tinkerings to new levels. But what if you're just starting out? That's cool - just get this kit and learn all about electronics and Arduino programming as you build and create!

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